GlobaLPOS Solutions Inc.
GlobaLPOS Solutions Inc.


1D Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner
  • Anti-scraping protection glass window
  • 32bit CPU with 5mil optical resolution
  • Touchscreen button to adjust the volume
  • Best choice for hypermarket and production line


Performance parameters
Light source Visible laser diode: 650nm
Scan pattern 24 lines Omni-directional: 6 fields of 4 parallel lines
Scan speed: 1620 scans/second
Print contrast 30% at UPC/EAN 100%
Minimum resolution 5mil at pieces 90%
Depth of field 0-250mm for 13mil
Host system Interfaces USB, RS232, keyboard wedge
Visual indicators Two color LED (blue and red)
Beeper operating Programmable tone and volume
Mechanical parameters
Size 152x159x87mm
Weight 290g
Materials ABS + PC
Cable Standard 2m straight