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GlobaLPOS Solutions Inc.


Customer Display
VFD Series Customer Display are powerful Vacuum Fluorescent Displays which provide a wide viewing angle, long life, high reliability and high display quality. They are designed to improve image and service with an enhanced customer (pole) display, featuring modular PC-based POS applications. The VFD pole displays are for use with ECR/POS system, to display the purchased price and the amount of change to customer. They are also capable to display the message of advertising or for Point-of-Product applications.


Standard Height Adjustment Two Removable Tubes
Total Height 208 mm - 508 mm
Panel (W x H x D) 228 x 94 x 48 mm
Neck Height 54 mm
Tube Height 150 mm x 2
Base Height (W x H x D) 228 x 60 x 114 mm
Weight 1.2 kgs
Tilt Angle 0 - 30 in 3 Steps
Swivel Angle 270°
I/O Ports
I/O Interface RS-232
Display Type Vacuum Flourescent Display (VFD)
Back Light N/A
Display Format 40 Characters (20 Columns x 2 Lines)
Brightness 800 cd/m²
Character Type 13 Sets of International Characters
Character Font 5 x 7 Dot Matrix
Character Size (W x H) 9.0 mm x 5.25 mm
Data Transmission Serial, Asynchronous
Baud Rate 9600 or 19200
Data Bits 8 Bit
Parity None
Stop Bits 1
MTBF 25000 Hours
Pass Through Available